Process design

EG Engineering, a.s. provides engineering services on the state-of-the-art available technology basis, procurement and delivery activities as well as participates in commissioning and start-up activities.

Our range of services is focused on oil, gas and energy. Oil & Gas is an engineering field concerned with the production of hydrocarbons like crude oil or natural gas, which are significant raw materials used in the production of daily items. This field is especially important for the refinery, petrochemical industry as it then provides commodities that have a wide range of industrial application.

EG Engineering, a.s. is focused on the following technology sections in oil/gas and energy field:

  • Distillation Unit design (atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit)
  • Gas Plant design (amine treating, gas separation, LNG processing,)
  • Sulfur Recovery Unit, integrated with Amine treating, Tail gas processing and Incineration
  • Flare system design (design, re-design with optimization)
  • Pipeline Networks design (production pipelines, gas gathering systems, compression surge system, hydraulic calculation)
  • Cooling system with cooling towers design
  • Steam generation